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  • Changing Between Knits & Purls Tutorial

    Changing Between Knits & Purls Tutorial

    Knitting is "only" two stitches - knits and purls - but how we use them allows us to create a world of different textures and designs! In the video tutorial below, we walk you through the first step, which is learning how to switch from knit to purl and from purl to knit.   There are two keys to successfully changing between knit and...
  • Icord Edge Tutorial

    Icord Edge Tutorial

    An icord creates a very neat and tidy edge for shawls, collars, sleeves, etc. It is not very elastic, so you’re going to want to use an icord for fixed lengths or wide collars where you don’t need much extra give. The process itself is extremely simple and can be easily adjusted for multiple colors or thicker/thinner cords. This is another tool that...
  • Kitchener Stitch Tutorial

    Kitchener Stitch Tutorial

    The kitchener stitch is a grafting method that takes an equal number of active stitches on two needles and uses a tapestry needle to join the two sides of the fabric.  While it can be intimidating at first, the kitchener stitch is versatile and an extremely useful tool to add to your knitting toolbox. Whether you are a sock fanatic who needs to...
  • Twisted Rib Stitch Tutorial

    Twisted Rib Stitch Tutorial

    The twisted rib stitch creates a neat ribbing with smaller, tighter knit stitches that doesn’t contract as much as regular ribbing. The pattern is the same as the standard rib stitch and can be mastered with only a small change to your knitting motion. Twisted ribbing is great for those of us whose ribbing is a bit untidy, and also for when you...
  • Star Stitch Tutorial

    Star Stitch Tutorial

    The star stitch creates a relatively solid, thick fabric with tons of texture. The construction limits the amount of stretch and has clearly identifiable right and wrong sides. While two rows of the four-row repeat are straight knitting, the star stitch itself can be a bit fiddly - especially when first learning it. Easy to remember but requiring patience and practice, this stitch...
  • Linen Stitch Tutorial

    Linen Stitch Tutorial

    The linen stitch creates a thin, dense, durable fabric that has both a sophisticated, woven-look right side and attractive, moss-stitch-like wrong side. With only two rows to the pattern, this is an easy stitch to learn, and it works extremely well for combining colors. The linen stitch is a great stepping stone for the adventurous beginner who is looking for something new that...
  • A Beginner's Guide to Swatching

    A Beginner's Guide to Swatching

    Swatching. Probably one of the most important and dreaded tasks in the yarn crafting world. Whether you are someone who always swatches or someone who knows they should but may not always do it...understanding the information swatches provide is a valuable skill. We’ve gone through a general overview of swatching below. Most designers will provide information on the type of swatch that will...
  • 9 Essentials in Every Beginner Crafter's Weaving Toolbox

    9 Essentials in Every Beginner Crafter's Weaving Toolbox

    Are you new to the weaving world? Want to know what you must have in order to get started? Which tools you’ll need to attempt your first project? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! Here is our list of the nine items needed for your toolbox that will make sure your first project isn’t your last!
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