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TL Yarn Crafts x MFY Tunisian Crochet Experience

Learn the art of Tunisian Crochet in this special experience with Toni Lipsey, curated by Michigan Fine Yarns just for...
SKILL: Beginner

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  • Description
  • Project Details

We're delighted to collaborate with Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts to offer you a comprehensive Tunisian Crochet experience, meticulously crafted exclusively for our MFY Family. This experience includes an immersive three-week virtual class on Tunisian crochet and a three-week crochet-along event designed to guide beginners through the creation of a stunning Tunisian crochet shawl, exclusively designed by Toni Lipsey for our community! Learn more about our collaboration on our blog post!

Immerse yourself in the artistry of Tunisian crochet with two distinct experiences moderated by Toni herself. Several LIVE online events with Toni are included, and you will have continued access to course and CAL content (delivered via our private Facebook groups). Whether you're seeking comprehensive guidance or prefer to dive straight into a project, we've tailored these options to fit your crochet journey:

The Full Experience (Pre-Order by 3/4)

Elevate your skills with an all-inclusive package that includes a three-week virtual class to learn the intricacies of Tunisian crochet, followed by a three-week crochet-along where you'll apply your new techniques to a beautiful shawl designed by Toni Lipsey exclusively for Michigan Fine Yarns. This immersive experience includes:

  • Access to our three-week immersive Tunisian crochet course, designed and moderated by Toni Lipsey (including 3 LIVE online events);
  • Course pack practice DK weight yarn to perfect your stitches during the course (curated by the MFY team);
  • 5 skeins of premium Koigu KPPPM in kit colors curated by MFY (or select one of the Model A or B kits selected by Toni and her mom, Gwen!);
  • An exclusive shawl pattern created for this CAL (emailed to registered participants on 4/7/24);
  • A special surprise from AcademicHobbist x MFY;
  • Access to our three-week CAL, designed and moderated by Toni Lipsey (including 5 LIVE online events)
Classes commence on 3/18, with orders for The Full Experience shipping in early March to ensure you have everything you need to start. Further customize your toolkit to your needs with these additional recommended course/CAL materials:
The CAL Only Experience (Order by 3/25)

Join the three-week crochet-along event starting 4/8, featuring Toni's shawl designed exclusively for our Michigan Fine Yarns Family. This option includes the Koigu KPPPM yarn and the pattern, ensuring you're ready to craft alongside others in the MFY community. Orders for the CAL Only Experience will ship in late March.

Further customize your toolkit to your needs with these additional recommended CAL materials:

*If you already know you'll love Tunisian crochet as much as we do, you might consider the Knitter's Pride Dreamz interchangeable set!

Hand-dyed yarns have subtle variations that cause colors to vary from skein to skein. As this is a natural part of the process, please note there may be differences between the yarn images shown and the yarn received. 

Please note that the MFY x TL Yarn Crafts Tunisian Crochet Experience is a final sale offering and is not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

Project Details
  • Finished Measurements:60" (152cm) wingspan x 23" (58cm) depth after blocking
  • Designer: TL Yarn Crafts
  • Craft: Tunisian Crochet
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Hook and Other Materials: US I/9 (5.5mm) Tunisian Crochet hooks with 32" cable, scissors, tapestry needle, kitchen scale, wet blocking supplies
  • Yarn Weight: Fingering
  • Fiber Content: 100% Merino Wool
  • Yarn Requirements: 5 skeins of Koigu KPPPM [170 yards per 50g skein]. Choose from the below kit options:
  • Model A: KPM 2409, KPPPM P326X-001, KPM 5341 2, P755-0020, 2389-0004
  • Model B: KPPPM P078-004, KPPPM P830, P344 131, P628-002, P651-003
  • Kit 1: KPPPM P756-0045, KPPPM rebirth-0008, KPM 1162-0011, KPPPM P105D-1013, KPM 1170-0018
  • Kit 2: 1303-0004, KPPPM P623, KPPPM P999-0054, KPPPM P760-0014, KPM 2239-0038
  • Kit 3: 1303-0004, KPPPM P755-0020, 1118-0001, KPPPM P855-0004, 1305 70
  • Kit 4: LYSDay Water, P743-0006, 5523-0024, P477-0001, 5520-0017
  • Kit 5: 1115-0003, KPPPM P511 392, 5335 2, KPPPM P620-0003, KPPPM Grass
  • Kit 6: KPPPM P757-0009, KPPPM P513X-0001, 2405-0044, KPPPM P309B-0006, KPM 2409-0054
  • Kit 7: KPPPM 1015-0017, KPPPM P809D-0010, KPPPM P999-0187, KPPPM P230 8, 2163-0004
  • Kit 8: 1510-0009, KPPPM P361 33, KPPPM P999-0154, KPPPM Cedar, 4002-0003
  • Kit 9: 2165-0005, P217 235, P999-0097, P005-0045, 2162 96
  • Kit 10: 2165-0005, P111-0008, P999-0163, P118A-0013, 228 63
  • Kit 11: 1510-0016, P323-0005, 5326-0154, 9LYS-004, P315L448
  • Kit 12: P999-0163, P662 165, 113311, P606-0007, P999-0043
  • Kit 13: KPPPM P823 002, KPPPM P129 105, 2239-0022, KPPPM P170-0031, KPPPM Vintage Valentine
  • Kit 14: KPPPM 822-0284, KPM 2160-0014, KPM 1231-0004, KPPPM P503-0071, KPPPM P999-0089
  • Kit 15: KPM 1174-0142, KPPPM P836X-7, KPPPM P0005-0045, KPPPM P840-0005, KPPPM P999-0097
  • Kit 16: KPM 1535-0006, KPPPM P819-0009, KPPPM P140-0121, KPM 2335-0042, KPPPM P467-0038
  • Kit 17: KPM 1160-0019, KPPPM P527-0294, KPPPM P082-0002, KPPPM P530L-0002, KPM 2350L-0138
  • Kit 18: KPM 2409-0054, KPPPM P414-0035, KPM 2405-0045, KPPPM P623B-0003, KPPPM P757-0009
  • Kit 19: KPPPM P118A-0002, KPPPM P079-0004, KPPPM P511D-0002, KPM 1115-0103, KPPPM P354-0019
  • Kit 20: KPM 2230-0009, KPPPM P329-0002, KPM 2232-0004, KPPPM Pebble LYS, KPPPM P460D-0063
  • Kit 21: KPPPM P536-0046, KPPPM P999-0179, KPPPM P731-0038, KPPPM P342-0186, KPPPM P857-0192
  • Kit 22: KPM 5340-0010, KPPM P113-0004, KPPPM P081-0009, KPPPM P820-0005, KPM 2133-0026
  • Kit 23: KPM 1180-0153, KPPM P146-0052, KPPPM P999-0182, KPPPM P718-0040, KPPPM P114-0003
  • Kit 24: KPM 1128-0128, KPPPM P828-0003, KPM 1505-0048, KPPPM P755-0020, KPPPM P757-0007
  • Kit 25: KPPPM P063-0005, KPPPM 366-0003, KPM 1019-0001, KPPPM P999-0187, KPPPM P310-0082
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