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Euroflax is a wet-spun, long line linen yarn made out of flax fiber. It is called “long line” because the plant itself grows more than a yard tall. When it is standing in the field, it is a beautiful sight: bright blue flowers waving in the wind. At harvest time, the flax is cut and laid to dry. The linen fiber is inside the long stems of the flax plant. Euroflax yarn has been used by hand-knitters for more than 20 years in North America.

Euroflax is a true long-line linen, meaning that the flax fibers have not been cut. Many linen yarns are made from tow linen, the shorter or cut flax fibers. The difference shows in the quality and beauty of the fabrics made with Euroflax.

Euroflax Linen absorbs color beautifully. It’s durable, absorbent and non-allergenic. Linen can absorb 20% of its weight in water without feeling damp and the pectins in the fiber give it a heat-regulating quality.

One of the more unique qualities of Euroflax Yarn is its extreme durability. Machine wash and dry repeatedly and your handmade items just get softer and nicer.


  • Material: 100% Wet-Spun Linen
  • Weight: Sport Weight 4-Ply
  • Physical Weight: 8 oz. (~227g) cones
  • Approximate Yardage: 1300 yds/lb - 640 yds/cone
  • Sett: 12 - 15 epi

General Linen Tips

  • Linen feels stiff until it’s been “worked”. The more it is wound, twisted or washed and dried the softer it becomes.
  • Balls wound on a ball winder may tend to spread; hand wound balls work best.
  • Items made with Euroflax can be machine washed, dried and steam pressed with a hot iron if needed.
  • It’s normal for fuzz to gather in your lint trap the first few washings.

Linen Weaving Tips

  • When weaving, dampen the warp with a water mister or foam paint brush dipped in water for neat selvages. Dampening the warp will also help rigid heddle weavers obtain a tighter fabric.
  • It can be helpful to dampen your fingers when winding bobbins to soften the weft yarn.
  • If crisp table linens are desired, remove the fabric from the dryer while still damp and steam press to enhance luster.

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