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2022 Holiday Countdown

Welcome to the 2022 MFY Holiday Countdown!

We wanted to create a countdown calendar that everyone would be able to participate in! Join us each day starting December 1st as we open a new day’s gift - especially for you!

How it Works

What can you expect you ask? There will be sales, downloads, freebies and more! Each day, we will unveil the next item. Some days will be one-day only and others will be available for a few days. Follow MFY on Instagram and Facebook, sign up for our newsletter, or check back here each day in December for details!

Free Gift

Sure. We all love giving gifts, but receiving them is kind of nice too! Enjoy this free download as we anticipate December's arrival!

Last year's holiday gift planner was such a success - we wanted to do it again! Create a plan or just jot down some ideas! This planner was designed to be flexible so it can adapt to your needs. Click the button below to download a PDF file that can easily be printed on a standard 8.5'x11' piece of typing paper.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Will I be able to go back and see previous items?

Yes! All items will remain visible on our social media feeds.

 Will daily items be available on any days besides the day they are revealed?

Some sales and daily items will be available for multiple days, but you'll have to check back regularly! We will do our best to be as explicit as possible about when items are available to redeem!


◽  Are items only good for local, in-shop customers?

No! There will be a few in-shop only items, but most will be available to everyone near and far!


◽  Do I need a Facebook or Instagram account to see the daily items?

No! Our accounts are public, so you will be able to see each post. Simply go to or to see what's happening! You won't be able to interact on either platform without signing in. If you'd prefer, you can sign up for our newsletter and have the information delivered right to your inbox!
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