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La Mondiola Wrap: Week 3 - Sections 9-12

Casting on a new project is always exciting, but there's something special about a knit along because you know crafters around the world are casting on the very same pattern!

Our team is knitting right along with you, and we will share our notes throughout the project! 

Pattern Notes

Is it just us or is there something incredibly satisfying about garter ridges?

Section 9 is a sweet little transition section, but don't get complacent!

Section 10 is a great time to remind us all to be careful with those slipped stitches near the stitch markers! It is very easy to knit these out of order as the pesky slipped stitches like to hop over markers and other stitches when we aren't looking! Also, if you found you had trouble keeping track of rows in previous sections - this is a smart time to create a quick checklist for yourself. Don't want to forget that last repeat of Rows 1 and 2 for example!
Section 11 takes us back to our stripes and will be the final time you use Color C. (Didn't we just add that in?!)
Section 12 is the real turning point of this project. We're adding Color B back in and transitioning to the final visual section of the wrap! To set up an even more satisfying finish, we recommend weaving in any remaining ends you've created so far so that you'll only have two left after the final week!

    Comments from the Team

    This has been my favorite set of sections so far - especially Section 9! It was just the short, satisfying bit of accomplishment I needed.

    I ran out of my first skein of Color A in Section 10 and had to have a chat with myself as I added in the second skein. Malabrigo yarns are hand dyed and there is always going to be some variation between skeins. The first skein of Piedras you've seen in previous weeks had quite a bit of blue and purple that popped out from the greens and golds of Chircas and Glitter, while my second skein was darker and featured more tealy greens and orangey golds. I am a perfectionist by nature and the change felt so noticeable to me that I almost didn't keep at it.

    After taking a moment to remember that beautiful human hands created these colors and put their hearts into their work, I finished the section by practicing what I preach - hand-dyed yarns are exceptional works of art BECAUSE they are each unique! Let me tell you, I am SO happy I kept at it!

    Sections 11 and 12 were pretty uneventful on my end after my color worry in Section 10. I love the greens in Chircas (my Color B) and was thrilled be able to work it back in to Section 12. We're almost there folks!! How's everybody feeling?! - Becky

    Want more information on the La Mondiola Wrap? We have a project page with additional resources, tutorials and a section-by-section break down with notes from our MFY team!

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