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Unboxing Life at MFY

It has LONG been discussed that we‚Äôd like to share more of what goes on behind the scenes at MFY - from the yarny goodness and running a small business to, of course, the shenanigans that ensue! Our hope is that we can continue to build out this content and share the hearts behind MFY. ūüíú


We attend an annual convention in Chicago put together by h+h americas where we are able to connect with brands and individuals across the fiber industry. It provides an opportunity to network, get a sense of trends, handle samples of new patterns and products, and find the things that we know our MFY Family will want to see in the shop!



Conventions are such a wealth of inspiration that we always leave feeling refreshed and excited about the opportunities we can put together. It has quickly become an event we look forward to each year, and hope you see the results as we continue our work to provide the tools, yarns and experiences you want!


Creating Kits

We love curating kits for projects to both make life easier for you and provide inspiration that extends beyond the colors shown in patterns. Each kit is crafted with care - most with Swaran’s fantastic eye for color,  but sometimes color palettes are developed by other team members or added after a customer finds a combination we can’t get enough of!

Swaran packing kits. Swaran packing kits.
Swaran packing kits. Swaran selecting kits.


A lot goes into preparing kits, but before we can adjust inventory, create product pages or package up the yarn, the kits are hand selected. It all starts with an expert eye...


Newsletters - From Content Ideas to Your Inbox

Our team is always chatting and sharing fiber news, fun pattern releases, upcoming make alongs and general ideas for what our MFY Family might like to see. These conversations are at the start of our content cycle…

Content cycle image for newsletter creation.

The first task is to determine the topics we want to cover. When we made the decision to move to weekly, bite-sized newsletters, we developed a theme for each week: Creation, Education, Inspiration, Connection and in the event there is a fifth week, Reflection. Within each theme we have general ideas of what we want to cover, and - based on what's going on in the shop and the fiber world as a whole - we choose specific items to include.

Our Content Manager Becky takes the teams' notes and ideas and crafts the words to share our messages. She mentioned this as it relates to writing newsletter stories:

I love when we are able to include quotes from the MFY team, designers, instructors, other makers, or anyone who supports the fiber arts! To me, it more deeply connects the heart of the messaging with our readers, and I do my best not to edit a thing! This community is full of genuine, authentic souls and being able to share THEIR words means the world to me!

Once our articles have life, we give them a face with a graphic. Whether we have images from products or events or create fun and vibrant graphics with text and color, we hope these visuals provide context to the written words and allow you to quickly scan the message for what is of interest to you! 

Our dear and patient Kara takes the text and images and molds them into the final form you see when you open your email. Her attention to detail is the final filter to confirm we haven't missed anything throughout the development process. She works hard to ensure links are provided, formatting is clean, easy to read and ultimately an experience you enjoy! 

Finally, the completed design is scheduled to send out to our MFY Family! We do our best to ensure everyone is getting the content they want, but you are always able to update your preferences! We want you to be receiving the messages that are helpful, relevant and resonate with you.

Product Photos - An Interview with Armaan 

What does it take to get product photos up on the website for each new product?

1 |  Yarn boxes arrive.
2 |  Anita sorts through which yarns are new to the store and makes a separate pile for me to take pictures.
3 |  I set up the light box on an open table and grab a few knitting/crochet books with various thicknesses to use them as my tripod (various thicknesses so I can add/remove books so that the camera is always level with the middle of the skein/hank). I find this part amusing for some reason - all the tripods I have used are no good!
4 |  Upload the pictures to my computer and label them.
5 |  Upload the pictures to dropbox for Kara to edit.
6 |  Kara lets me know when the pictures are done, and then I upload them to the website with all the relevant info.
7 |  I then make a list of what was uploaded so I, or who ever is at the store, can fill in the missing info like the barcode and SKU (product number for inventory).
8 |  The products go live!

    What is your favorite part of the process?

    I like making sure that the pictures and colors shown are accurate and as close as possible to what it looks like in person by adjusting the exposure for each skein. If the picture is lighter/darker than what it looks like in person, I retake the picture until its right!

    Did you have photography experience prior to taking on this responsibility?

    No prior experience!

    Malabrigo's colorway 850 - Archangel shown on bases Rios, Rasta, Sock and Nube.Is there anything fun or unique about this process people may not realize?

    I really enjoy feeling different yarns and definitely have favorites even though i don't knit or crochet…..yet. [Also,] I have Deuteranopia (red/green) colorblindness, and it can be difficult to perceive certain hues. Which is why I focus on the exposure to make sure im taking the most accurate photo for the website.

    Bonus tidbit about Armaan...

    My favorite color in the store is malabrigo’s 850 - Archangel in any of their bases.

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