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Meet the Team: Becky

Becky has been working with Michigan Fine Yarns since September 2020, and - fun fact - she lives in Charlotte, North Carolina! You read that correctly. Becky lives half a country away, but has been managing our digital content for the last few years. It's a story of kismet and the power of the fiber arts - the healing arts.

Becky's Background

Becky's career has been spent in customer service within the sports and entertainment industry. Not exactly fiber-related! When COVID-19 hit, the facility where she was working sent everyone home like the rest of the world. Becky worked from home until her furlough ended and her position was eliminated. With an infant son and global pandemic still swirling, it was an unsettling time!

Meet Cute

Knowing she'd need to help support her family, Becky began looking for remote positions where she could pick up a few hours while staying at home with baby. Since the events industry was still struggling with COVID-19 concerns, she decided to search for other things she knew - including knitting!

At this time, Michigan Fine Yarns was working extremely hard to build their website and online shopping experience to cater to the new way of the world. Extending their community values into the virtual universe was important, and creating digital content - like our blog! - was a top priority. 

With such a small team, Divya put out a call for someone to help write blog content and create some graphics to support the articles. Of all the websites on the internet and all the available positions across the platform, Becky found MFY and responded! Writing used skills she had developed during her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin in their journalism program, and the graphics portions stretched her creative muscles in a field she enjoyed. Thankfully, Divya gave her a chance with a few articles, and well, that turned into a few more!

Becky's Perspective

Connecting with Michigan Fine Yarns has had a huge impact on my life. I have always loved to work, and finding myself job-less as a new mom during a pandemic was terrifying! Meeting Divya, having a task that felt like my own and not solely "mom-related" and feeling like I was contributing to supporting my family saved my mental health. Sure there were some rough nights early on while I was handling late night feedings and writing posts in the dark so I didn't wake up my son...but it was absolutely worth it! I would have been lost without the lifeline to the MFY Family and the fiber arts.

The more I learned about Bibi and Swaran's story, the values at the heart of this incredible family-run business, and the dedication to the people within the larger fiber community, I knew this was more than a writing assignment. Through some very difficult times, MFY has been a constant and whether you call it fate, divine intervention or sheer luck, the healing arts connected me with this incredible opportunity and I am forever grateful!

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