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Eco-Friendly Crafters


Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve celebrated a number of ways to support our planet through our crafting. We talked about considering the yarns we use and what it means for yarns to be vegan, organic and natural. We looked at patterns that could reduce waste and improve our impact on the environment. We found creative alternatives to yarn that allow us to craft while recycling everyday items! We also dipped our toes into the natural dyeing process. Finally, we shone a spotlight on Urth Yarns who plants a tree for every skein of yarn they sell!

These are just a few ways to be more eco-conscious as we craft, and we hope that you’ll explore this topic further! Supporting our planet takes more than just a day. More than just a month. We hope that we’ve encouraged you to be an eco-friendly crafter year-round!

To remind and motivate us to continue this conversation, we’ve developed The Eco-Friendly Crafter creed. This free download can be printed and hung in your crafting space, saved on your mobile device or copied into your project journal. There is also a free Eco-Friendly Crafter badge that can be downloaded or shared as you like. Together, we can make a difference and extend the healing arts to include soothing our planet.


Download The Eco-Friendly Crafter's Creed



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