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The Ultimate Craft Holiday Gift Guide: 20+ Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones


For makers, the holiday season is busy season! Check out our holiday guide below and treat yourself and your loved ones to something handmade for the holidays.

Gifts fo Crafters | Michigan Fine Yarns





Gifting for fellow crafters can be a challenge. Personal preferences and tastes are unique, and let’s be honest - most crafters already have quite a stash of supplies built up!


If you’re on a time crunch or feeling overwhelmed…

Go with a gift card or gift certificate. Purchase from a local yarn shop they love (we sell gift cards!) or a yarn company they admire. Sure it’s not the most creative option in the world, but maybe your gift will be the support needed to try a luxurious new fiber or to purchase a tool they’ve been eyeing.

If you’re more adventurous…

Gift a project kit for their craft of choice, or maybe even for a craft they haven’t tried yet, but have mentioned that they’d love to learn! Maybe even take things to the next festive level with a fun holiday kit.

 Arshile Potw Hoodie Kit - Berroco

Alpine Hat Kit - Blue Sky Fibers

Uneek Sock Kit in Christmas (Limited Edition) - Urth Yarns

There are also any number of mystery kits and magazine subscriptions that could add an extra level of surprise and be delivered right to their door!

If you’re looking for something flashier…

There are lots of beautiful craft-related jewelry options on the market; some functional and some simply decorative. If your recipient wears scarves and shawls for example, a special shawl collar or pin is a fun way to add personal style to a functional piece! If jewelry isn’t their cup of tea, a new project bag or needle set might be just the ticket for a lovely, practical and/or fashionable accessory.

Lykke Interchangeable 3.5" Circular Needle Set | Michigan Fine Yarns

Umber Interchangeable 3.5" Circular Needle Set - LYKKE

Gifts Under $20 | Holiday Gift Guide - Michigan Fine Yarns

Doing a long-distance gift exchange? Secret Santa with your knitting group? Just on a budget? There are great options for inexpensive gifts that will delight your recipient.

For the overly organized (or totally unorganized)…

If the person you’re looking for enjoys keeping their projects tidy or they never seem to be able to find their tools in their project bag, a notions pouch is a fun gift they’ll love! Throw in a couple of stitch markers from your personal collection as a bonus when they open it!

Walker Mesh Bag Case | Bags & Storage at Michigan Fine Yarns

Notions Bag - Walker Mesh Zip Case

For the tactile and well-read...

Electronic patterns are great, especially on the go, but sometimes a book just feels better! If your giftee enjoys a printed pattern or simply enjoys paging through beautiful photos and stories about making, grab a pattern book or magazine (or two!). This is a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving as they enjoy looking at, reading and possibly even crafting from these publications.

Malabrigo Book 18: Rios & Washted | Interchangeable Yarns

Malabrigo Book 18: Rios & Washted      

Noro Knitting Magazine - Fall/Winter 2020

Noro Knitting Magazine: Issue 17 Fall/Winter 2020

Cascade Neck Effects

 Cascade Neck Effects

For the rookie…

We’ve got great articles on the tools needed to get started with knitting, crochet or weaving and most of the items there are inexpensive. If you’re gifting someone new to a craft, make sure they have the essentials. If they’re beyond the basics, a new hook or extra set of needles may be a luxury they haven’t explored yet, but won’t break your budget!


Small Gifts | Holiday Gift Guide at Michigan Fine Yarns




If your budget is small or you need items that are literally small, yarn crafts have a wide variety of tiny gadgets and gizmos to choose from along with tiny patterns for tiny humans (or pets)!


Small gifts for small beings…

Gifts for children and fur babies are such a joy to create. Anything miniature is automatically more adorable, but stuffed toys will bring joy and laughter - and secure your place as best gift-giver! For the more ambitious, a child-sized sweater requires minimal yarn and time to create for the little human on your list. Just make sure you have a rough size estimate so you make the correct size. (Recommendation - consider making one size larger so the child can wear the piece for more than a day! Been there, done that…) 

Hearty Holiday Santa Toy | Patterns at Michigan Fine Yarns

Hearty Holiday Santa - Universal Yarns

Timmy Sweater Pattern | Ella Rae Cozy Soft Chunky Yarn | Michigan Fine YarnsBerroco Buster | Dog Sweater Pattern at Michigan Fine Yarns


Timmy Sweater Pattern - Ella Rae ft. Cozy Soft Chunky Yarn | Buster Pattern - Berroco

If your recipient has four-legs and fur, try a vest or sweater pattern to fit Fido or Fifi. Playful cats may also love a small crochet fish, or your favorite pooch might love to destroy a handmade rabbit! As long as you don’t mind seeing your work torn apart, and pets are supervised during play of course.


Rabbit Toy | Blue Sky Fibers Pattern - Michigan Fine Yarns


Rabbit Toy Pattern - Blue Sky Fibers 

Tiny tools…

Regardless of craft, a pair of sharp, pointy scissors or snips is a fantastic tool and fits perfectly into a stocking. Individual needles, hooks, bobbins and shuttle sticks are also conveniently shaped for filling those gorgeous handmade stockings.

Knitting Bobbin Set - Clover | Stainless Steel Sock Blockers - Bryson

Notions galore…

Tiny O-rings, locking stitch markers, row counters, stitch holders and point protectors are just a few of the itty-bitty notions that will be sure to excite any crafter of any experience level. 


Clover Locking Stitch Markers | Michigan Fine YarnsClover Point Protectors | Michigan Fine Yarns
Knit Pick Knitting Stitch Markers



Buttons and beads…

For a shinier option, curate beads or buttons that your recipient will like. Useful for any number of projects, it’s great to have these tiny add-ons on hand!

Baubles and bling…

Do you know which brands your gift recipient enjoys? Is there a company or person they follow? Many crafty brands have stickers and enamel pins available that are popular accessories for project bags, laptops and more!


Gifts for Non-Crafters | Michigan Fine Yarns

Want to give a handmade gift to someone who doesn’t actively participate in the craft? We’ve got a post for you! Check out our Last Minute Gift Ideas here and find suggestions for gifts and patterns for all the loved ones in your life.

Ideas included are well suited for the fashionable, the always-cold, the practical and sensible. From cowls and shawls to dish towels and socks, you’re sure to find a quick project to suit anyone on your Nice List.


Blue Sky Fibers - Elizabeth Cowl Kit |Michigan Fine Yarns

Elizabeth Cowl Kit - Blue Sky Fibers 

Malabrigo Artexio Cowl Kit | Michigan Fine Yarns

Arteixo Cowl Kit - Malabrigo

Does your non-crafter want to become a crafter? Beginner project kits take the stress out of finding everything you need to start enjoying a new hobby. Perfect for the new year, you can give a gift that may spark joy and learning for a lifetime!


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