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  • Quick Tips for Summer Crafting

    Quick Tips for Summer Crafting

    Summer is here, and for many of us, that means more time with family, more time outdoors and less time with the fiber arts. While it can be refreshing to scale back our project load and focus on other things, we’ve shared some tips below for fuss-free crafting that will help keep your momentum through the summer season! Keep it simple. When it’s...
  • Brand Spotlight: Schoppel Wolle

    Brand Spotlight: Schoppel Wolle

    If you haven’t tried Schoppel Wolle yarns yet, we highly recommend you do! This is a brand ahead of its time. They focus on color and sustainability with the goal of not meeting today’s standards, but exceeding them and innovating to be able to create beautiful, ethical products for generations to come. We hope you enjoy learning a little more about this bright...
  • Resources for Fixing Mistakes in Lace

    Resources for Fixing Mistakes in Lace

    Fixing mistakes can be challenging for any maker. Fixing mistakes in lace is a whole separate level of challenge. As each repair is unique, we thought it would be helpful to start a collection of links to resources that can help you navigate the situation, rather than try to synthesize the information and images into a smaller blog post. We hope these sites...
  • Project Idea: Temperance Mitts

    Project Idea: Temperance Mitts

    We have so enjoyed seeing the love that the Temperance Shawl has received! Whether you participated in the Malabrigo KAL in April or just saw what a beautiful pattern it was, it has been such a joy to see all of the projects you’ve been working on! So, when we saw these Temperance Mitts we knew that we had to share them with...
  • Project Idea: Botanic Shawl

    Project Idea: Botanic Shawl

    If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times. Self-striping yarns are magical and a dream to work with. It’s always exciting to get to the next color and projects seem to take no time at all! It can sometimes be challenging, however, to find patterns that highlight these wonderful yarns, but today’s project idea does just that! Stephen West is...
  • Wedding Ring Shawls

    Wedding Ring Shawls

    As we spend some time discussing lace, we would be remiss if we didn't talk about wedding ring shawls. Wedding ring shawls are large, intricate lace wraps that can measure up to three or four square feet, but are knit from thread so fine that they can pass through a wedding band. These magnificent works of art are symbols of their regions and have...
  • Lace Pattern Ideas

    Lace Pattern Ideas

    One of the great things about lace is that once you dig into the pattern, the final product looks so much more intricate than it actually is! It’s also good to remember that lace doesn't have to be super fancy or done in cobweb-like yarns as shown by the collection of patterns below. We hope the following patterns inspire and encourage you to...
  • Reading Lace Charts

    Reading Lace Charts

    Charts in the fiber arts are visual representations of the pattern instructions. We are going to focus on lace charts for knitting and crochet in this article, but many patterns that include elements such as colorwork, cables and other textured patterns often include a chart or charts as well. Knitting Knitting charts are simply a grid of rows and columns where each horizontal...
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