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Resources for Fixing Mistakes in Lace


Fixing mistakes can be challenging for any maker. Fixing mistakes in lace is a whole separate level of challenge. As each repair is unique, we thought it would be helpful to start a collection of links to resources that can help you navigate the situation, rather than try to synthesize the information and images into a smaller blog post.

We hope these sites encourage you to work on lace knowing that there is no shame in making mistakes and that there are ways to avoid frogging an entire day’s (or month’s!) work to fix something.

Warm pink lace knit in a leaf motif.
Computer open with a blue skein and naturally colored cake of yarn with notebook and knitting needles.
  • Crocheters, here’s one for you as well. How to Fix a Missed Stitch in Crochet provides realistic options for fixing crochet errors and provides suggestions for common missteps as well. Geared toward newer makers, it is still a good read for more experienced crocheters as well.
Crochet hook, cream colored yarn and the beginnings of a crochet lace project.
  • MFY Classes - we offer a number of classes each month and would love to help you expand your skillset! With both knitting and crochet classes and offerings in-store and online, there's something for everyone!

  • BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) - no set class that discusses what you're working on? Bring your project in and let us help!

We would love to keep this page up to date as a resource for you. If you have suggestions for other pages we should include, share them below or email them to us so we can update our list!


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