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  • Revisiting the Healing Arts

    Revisiting the Healing Arts

    Did anyone else see the recent New York Times article titled Can a Yarn Store Be a Place of Healing? It discusses not only the increase in people participating in various crafts during the COVID-19 pandemic, but how these people are adapting again now that vaccinations are available and restrictions are lifting.  The article, written by Sejla Rizvic, includes quotes from Professor Jennifer...
  • Resources for Fixing Mistakes in Lace

    Resources for Fixing Mistakes in Lace

    Fixing mistakes can be challenging for any maker. Fixing mistakes in lace is a whole separate level of challenge. As each repair is unique, we thought it would be helpful to start a collection of links to resources that can help you navigate the situation, rather than try to synthesize the information and images into a smaller blog post. We hope these sites...
  • Lace Pattern Ideas

    Lace Pattern Ideas

    One of the great things about lace is that once you dig into the pattern, the final product looks so much more intricate than it actually is! It’s also good to remember that lace doesn't have to be super fancy or done in cobweb-like yarns as shown by the collection of patterns below. We hope the following patterns inspire and encourage you to...
  • Reading Lace Charts

    Reading Lace Charts

    Charts in the fiber arts are visual representations of the pattern instructions. We are going to focus on lace charts for knitting and crochet in this article, but many patterns that include elements such as colorwork, cables and other textured patterns often include a chart or charts as well. Knitting Knitting charts are simply a grid of rows and columns where each horizontal...
  • Project Idea: Falling Blossoms Shawl

    Project Idea: Falling Blossoms Shawl

    Shawls and wraps are the perfect spring and summer accessories for warding off the cool evening breeze or blowing air conditioning. They are also a veritable playground for colors, textures and designs. The Falling Blossom Shawl is a beautiful little shawl designed in Malabrigo Sock, which we loved using for the Temperance Shawl last month! The light fingering superwash Merino yarn works up...
  • Spring Crochet & Easter Ideas

    Spring Crochet & Easter Ideas

    Sometimes it feels like knitting gets all the love, but crochet deserves its own spotlight! This is a great time of year to learn to crochet, to dust off the hooks or to enjoy the fact that you're already a fabulous crocheter! While there are an infinite number of reasons to pick up the craft of crochet, here’s just a few that we think...
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