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Revisiting the Healing Arts


Did anyone else see the recent New York Times article titled Can a Yarn Store Be a Place of Healing? It discusses not only the increase in people participating in various crafts during the COVID-19 pandemic, but how these people are adapting again now that vaccinations are available and restrictions are lifting. 

Color card for embroidery floss in warm browns.

The article, written by Sejla Rizvic, includes quotes from Professor Jennifer Way of the University of North Texas who, having studied the impact of crafting during times of crisis, notes the connection between the act of crafting and mindfulness and overall well being. 

​​“Craft seems, in some ways, with its repetitive gestures and sometimes repeated projects, to offer that opportunity for remaking a mind-body connection,” Professor Way said. “The craft practice itself offers an opportunity to connect mind and body to address healing, stress, all those kinds of things.”

Quilting supplies including thread and scissors on a wooden table.

We spent this past January diving into the health benefits of crafting and found this theme repeated in study after study. Crafting of all types - not just our beloved fiber arts! - can improve mental health, emotional health, even physical health! There is also an overarching thread of community within craft that can both take you outside of yourself by creating for others or help dig deep within to find a strength and inner peace so many of us have needed during these challenging days.

While so many reached for the comfort of needles, hooks and sewing machines while quarantined at home, the tide has shifted as offices are reopening, social activities increasing and folks are again at home less. We believe in the power of craft, however, and want to continue the conversation and focus on well being. If you haven’t downloaded your copy of our free Maker Wellness Journal e-book, we hope it will inspire you on your own journey.

Yarn in warm gold and copper colors with wooden knitting needles on a wooden table.

Along with other spaces, we have also opened up our in-store offerings, including Open Table, where all are welcome to come and sit with others, because if you ask us “Can a yarn store be a place of healing?”...we will firmly and whole-heartedly answer YES!



Sample image of the Maker Wellness Journal e-book.


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