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Slipping Stitches with the Yarn in Front & Back Tutorial


There are a number of stitch patterns and construction techniques that will instruct you to "slip" one or more stitches. Slipping a stitch from one needle to the next is not difficult, but you will want to pay attention to where your working yarn is when you move the stitch(es). In the video tutorial below, we share how to slip with the "yarn in front" and with the "yarn in back" as well as how to correctly move the yarn.


Two quick reminders as you work these stitches. The "front" of the work always refers to the side facing up or towards you as you are working the row or round. This is different from the "right" and "wrong" sides of the fabric. Also, we want to slip stitches "purlwise" - as if you were going to purl the stitch - to keep the stitch properly oriented on the needle. Slipping a stitch"knitwise" twists the base of the stitch and will alter the final look and feel of your fabric.

Slipping stitches is a technique suitable for beginners who are comfortable with the process of moving stitches between needles without dropping them! Once you've learned this process, you'll be ready to tackle all sorts of projects!


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