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Maker Feature: Megan

Megan is a relatively new addition to the MFY crew, but she fits right in and we are thrilled to have her! She is both an excellent crocheter and fabulous knitter, but even more importantly she is a caring soul who understands how the healing arts play a vital role in a maker's life.

Here is a bit about Megan, and you can learn more at her website: nurtureknitwear.com. (Psst - there are also more than a dozen free patterns on her website! The patterns are available on her blog for anyone to access or you can sign up for her email list and download the PDFs for free!) 

Meet Cute

MFY: What brought you to Detroit and how did you find MFY?

Megan: My husband’s job brought us to Detroit—he’s an engineer in the auto industry—and we found a house we loved in Plymouth. When our offer was accepted, one of the first things I did was search for a nearby LYS. There were several to choose from but the moment I walked into MFY, I knew I’d found home and haven’t even visited anywhere else! 

Craft History

MFY: How long have you been knitting/crocheting/crafting?

Megan: I learned how to crochet in Kindergarten and went blissfully on for over 20 years. Five years ago, some friends at my then-new-LYS encouraged me to knit after I spend weeks drooling over the lovely things they were creating.

Megan wearing her Fortnight shawl design.

MFY: What drew you to designing?

Megan: I learned how to crochet before I knew how to read. And growing up in rural Indiana pre-internet patterns, I had to make up anything I wanted to crochet. So when I began knitting, I simply did the same. I honestly didn’t think much of until I say my LYS friends’ reactions. They’re the ones who encouraged me to write my first pattern—which I didn’t think I could do. But when I did, I found I loved it! 80 patterns later, here we are! 

MFY: Do you have a certain design style? 

Megan: If I had to sum it up, I’d say I focus on creating a knitting experience that's relaxing without being bored. It’s not exactly an aesthetic, which is why you’ll see all sorts of techniques in my designs from lace to brioche, from stranded color work to shaped garter stitch. When at all possible I focus on repeats you can memorize and work hard to distill complex patterns into simple instructions that you can pick up and put down easily. I want to help knitting fit in to your busy life and not take so much concentration that it’s prohibitive, while still creating stunning garments and accessories that you’re thrilled to show off. 

Quick Favorites

MFY: Which weight of yarn is your favorite and why?

Megan: DK weight is my favorite. It’s the perfect mid-weight yarn that you can use for anything—sweaters, cowls, shawls, even socks. It is my go-to any time I’m checking out yarn. 

Megan wearing her Woodlore pattern knit in a rich green color.

MFY: Would you say that you have a color palette you tend to stick to?

Megan: Yes and no. My shelves of finished knits attest to the fact my tastes run the rainbow. But I tend to get attracted to a color for a season and I’ll knit several things in that palette before I get tired of it and move on to a new color. This past winter it was a robin’s egg blue with pops of orange when a contrast was called for—so you’ll see my Zephyros sweater and the free version of Midnight Frost knit up in that. More recently I was on a red kick (it is my favorite color after all) and released Canyon River, Firebrand, and Woodlore this fall. I’m into purple at the moment—with the first of my purples released as the free Tiger Lake shawl this past October. 

Sneak Peek!

Megan was kind enough to share a sneak peek of her new pattern Waveform that will be released February 1st. She designed it using MFY's exclusive Swaran-dyed Bibi Twist! Isn't it gorgeous?!

Waveform Cowl - a new purple and rainbow cowl pattern being released February 1.
Close up of the contrast color section of the cowl pattern.Close up of the main color section of the cowl pattern.
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