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Handmake a Day


Love is in the air, so we're making fun little hearts! 💜 We've given valentine cards, candy, and flowers to friends, and now we've come up with a fun project for handmade hearts that can be given to loved ones. Make them for the kids, make them for friends, or leave one for a stranger to find. Handmake someone's day with a little random act of handmade!

While any handmade creation is sure to make someone's day, we love the idea of this small, easy to make heart that is perfect for leaving for someone else to find. 

Tricia has done a wonderful video tutorial you can find below or on MFY+ on YouTube. The basic written instructions are also included below, but there are many different versions and patterns available to craft a little gift!

#HandmakeADay Heart Tutorial

Create a magic loop. Chain 2.
3 triple crochet into the magic ring.
3 double crochet into the magic ring.
Chain 1.
1 triple crochet into the magic ring. (This is the bottom point of the heart.)
3 double crochet into the magic ring.
3 triple crochet into the magic ring.
Chain 2.
Slip stitch into the magic ring.
Chain 1.
Pull the working yarn through and tighten the magic loop.

If you're gifting a heart - or hearts! - to someone you know, you may not need to attach a note. If you choose to leave a heart somewhere for a stranger to find, we hope these note suggestions may be helpful for crafting a short message!

"#handmakeaday" (Short, sweet and to the point! 😊)

"I left this just for you. I hope it handmakes your day!"

"This heart was handmade for you to make your day!"

We hope these little hearts make their way into the world and would love to see where yours end up! Whether you gift them to someone you know or leave them for someone to find, snap a photo and tags us @michiganfineyarns with #handmakeaday. Let's share some love this season - and beyond!


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