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La Mondiola Wrap: Choosing Your Colors

La Mondiola is a simply-shaped wrap that is worked seamlessly from end to end, using three colors of incredibly soft Malabrigo Arroyo - a 100% Superwash Merino Wool in a sport weight.

Selecting Colors

The pattern construction of La Mondiola features texture and stripes. Choosing colors with a higher level of contrast will allow the design to truly shine!

For a bolder, modern accessory, look for high contrast colors in two or more color families such as our Kit I show below that includes Camaleon #684, Fuscia #093 and Matisse Blue #415.

Malabrigo Arroyo in Matisse Blue, Camaleon and Fuscia.

For something more tonal and classic, look for colors that still have some contrast, but are complementary such as our Kit L below that includes Rosalinda #398, Neverland #341, Peggy #334.

Malabrigo Arroyo in Rosalinda, Neverland and Peggy

Determining Colors A, B and C

Color A sets the stage for the entire wrap as it acts as a background color throughout the pattern. Speckled and variegated colors work well in this role! You will use two skeins of Color A, and chances are it will be your favorite of the three colors! 

Color B is highlighted in a single-color section at each end of the wrap that features textured stitches. To fully appreciate the pattern details, use a more solid color as Color B. Depending on how you like to wear your wraps, this is also likely to be the most prominent color.

Color C anchors the middle of the wrap and doesn't have a section all to itself. To best enjoy the slipped stitches and stripes of Color C, set it next to Color A to ensure a good amount of contrast. (And that you like the two together as they are paired throughout!)

TIP: If you want to better understand the contrast levels of your colors - take a photo of them in black and white. If the yarns all look close to the same gray - there is lower contrast! If one looks more black and one shows up more white, there is higher contrast!

Behind the Scenes: How We Build Our Kits 

Building kits is one of our more fun, creative efforts! Our general process looks like this: We start with the original kit, and make sure it's a combination that we have in stock, because that will be a definite customer favorite. But then, honestly, we start to look for our own personal favorites (e.g. Swaran likes jewel tones; Tricia has been into green/purples pairings). Shown below is our Kit H that includes Diana #886, Jupiter #049 and Chircas #045.

Malabrigo Arroyo in Diana, Jupiter, and Chircas

If there are new colorways for that yarn we like to try and include them as well, making sure to grab both bright and neutral combinations that may appeal across the spectrum. Speckled yarns are always fun to work with, and Malabrigo gives great options for those. And then one of our secrets, is to always include an option for the teal lovers out there - you can't forget them, they're always a force!

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