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Spring Crochet & Easter Ideas

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Sometimes it feels like knitting gets all the love, but crochet deserves its own spotlight! This is a great time of year to learn to crochet, to dust off the hooks or to enjoy the fact that you're already a fabulous crocheter!

While there are an infinite number of reasons to pick up the craft of crochet, here’s just a few that we think make the case that crochet is the spring and summer hobby of choice!

Take It To Go

Crochet is uber transportable. Like knitting, there aren’t many tools or necessary items to engage in the craft and those that are necessary are fairly small and lightweight. The added bonus for crochet is that you use one hook instead of two needles, and - unless you’re working on tunisian crochet - there is only one active stitch so dropping stitches and having stitches fall off the needles while traveling aren’t concerns! Bring that crochet project outside and enjoy the evening, or pack it for a spontaneous road trip!

Not So Solid

While there are certainly crochet stitch patterns that make solid, dense fabric, it is more common to see crochet fabric with some element of lace or holes in the design. Some would say that creating lace via crochet is easier than knitting, and while that may depend on the crafter, crochet is a popular choice for lace edgings and mesh fabrics among other “holey” designs.

Flora Over Fauna

As the temperatures warm up, many makers move from working with wool and other animal fibers to working with plant fibers such as cotton or linen. These fibers work well for crochet projects and are well suited for both pretty and practical patterns. Functional dishcloths and scrubbies are great for beginner crocheters, and for a bit more of a challenge, how about a sleeveless top in a linen blend? 

Structured Style

One area in which crochet seems to have a huge advantage over knitting is three dimensional objects. Crochet stitch patterns more often lend themselves to developing structures that can support themselves, making crochet popular for amigurumi, stuffed toys, baskets, bags, etc. As we tend to wear fewer hand knit or crocheted garments in warmer weather, this is a great time of year to shift gears to these types of projects.

If we’ve convinced you to dive into a crochet project, we couldn’t help but share a few adorable patterns below that could double as fun, last-minute Easter basket stuffers if you’re in a pinch! (Or make the basket itself!)


Easter Basket
A lovely basket on its own, or add the flower for an extra dose of spring!

© Vicky Sedgwick

Designer: Vicky Sedgwick
Difficulty: Beginner
Tools: J (5mm) hook and G (4mm)
Suggested Yarn: Cascade Cherub Bulky


Easter Decorations
Quick and versatile, this little chick and bunny are sure to bring fun wherever they go! Add them to a floral arrangement as shown or maybe add an initial to label your baskets!

© Schachenmayr

Designer: Jen Weston
Difficulty: Beginner
Tools: C (3mm) hook
Suggested Yarn: Schachenmayr Catania Fine


Carrot Coffee Beanie Cozy
For the coffee drinker, a cute cozy for their favorite mug or cup! You’re never too old for an Easter basket, right?

© Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Designer: Sara Marsh & Helen Wilkinson
Difficulty: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Tools: H (5mm) hook
Suggested Yarn: Blue Sky Fibers Organic Cotton Worsted


Beanie the Easter Bunny with Carrot
Surprise! This sweet bunny will be a hit in any Easter basket or as an interactive decoration!

© Chrisette Designs

Designer: Lizette of Chrisette Designs
Difficulty: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Tools: F (3.75mm) hook
Suggested Yarn: Blue Sky Fibers Organic Cotton Worsted


Easter Carrot Gnome
If you loved the bunny above, you’re sure to enjoy this incognito gnome! He has a number of friends including an Easter Bunny and Easter Lamb!

©Nazeli Tadevosyan

Designer: Nazeli Tadevosyan
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tools: B (2.5mm) hook
Suggested Yarn: Blue Sky Fibers Organic Cotton Skinny


Chicken Eggs
Don’t have time or energy for hard boiling and dying eggs this year? Whip up some crochet eggs to fill the basket(s) and have beautiful eggs for years to come! Perfect for using up leftover stash yarns!

© Kristi Tullus

Designer: Kristi Tullus
Difficulty: Beginner
Tools: B (2.5mm) hook
Suggested Yarn: Cascade Cherub Baby


So, will you be working on any crochet projects this spring? Did any of the pattern suggestions speak to you or do you have other ideas in mind? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

1 Comment

  • Love the basket with the flowers attached. The little eggs are adorable.

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