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Inserting a Lifeline Tutorial


Adding a lifeline or safety line to your knitting is like hitting save on a computer document. If something happens and you need to tear out some of your work, the lifeline will allow you to rip back to that point, but prevents you from going back any further. It can provide peace of mind that the work below the line is safe, especially on larger or more complicated projects. In the video tutorial below, we share how to insert a lifeline into a project.


There are a few keys to a good lifeline.

  • Use a yarn that is thinner than the weight you're working with for the project.
  • Slip the yarn through every single stitch in the row/round.
  • Always go behind the right leg of the stitch to keep your stitches from twisting.
  • If there are stitch markers in your row, do not go through them. Skip over any markers on the row/round so that you can use them as you resume knitting your project.

All knitters can benefit from using lifelines! If you've put in time and effort on a project and want to protect your work, it doesn't take long to put in a safety line and will allow you to knit on confidently. Once you've learned how to properly add in a lifeline, you'll have the freedom to tackle any project and any mishaps that may occur!


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