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Helix Stitching Tutorial


Helix or helical stitching creates interlocking spirals of single-row stripes with no perceptible beginning and no jogs between stripes. The helix can be created with two or more colors and requires no twisting to keep the yarns connected and stitches even. Beyond beautiful, seamless stripes, this method of stitching is also a neat and tidy way to alternate skeins of hand-dyed yarn.

The video below shares a basic tutorial for helical stitching using stockinette stitch for knitting with two colors and four colors. Using the principles explained here -  along with some of the tips included within the video and below - you'll be able to practice and create your own spirals in no time!

Some tips and tricks for helical stitching:

🧬  A helix is a coil or spring and will always be worked in the round.
🧬  You will always work the colors - or skeins - in the same order.
🧬  The yarn will create a continuous path so you do not need to twist the yarns at the color changes.
🧬  Tight stitches at the color/skein changes is a common problem. Loosen up or at least monitor your tension as you make the changes!
🧬  Borders, ribbing, etc. can be worked in the helical fashion, but if you want to go to a single color/skein, just continue working with one of your skeins for a full round.
🧬  Trim any others off and weave in the ends.
🧬  This technique works with other textures - try out a few and see what you get!

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