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La Mondiola Wrap: Week 2 - Sections 4-8

Casting on a new project is always exciting, but there's something special about a knit along because you know crafters around the world are casting on the very same pattern!

Our team is knitting right along with you, and we will share our notes throughout the project! 

Pattern Notes

If you haven't already, start making it a habit to frequently double check your yarn overs at the edges of your work. It's easy to forget these!

Section 4 is the first time you'll have thicker stripes. Make sure you are carrying the non-working color at the beginning of the rows for a neat and tidy edge without loads of ends to weave in! If you are having any trouble with that, we've got a tutorial to help you through it!

Speaking of ends to weave in...no matter how diligently we carry our yarns up the side of the wrap, there are still a number of ends to take care of! Section 5 is a good time to take a quick break from your knitting, grab that darning needle and weave in your ends thus far. We won't pretend this is a fun task for most of us, but you'll thank us later!

A quick reminder for Section 6 that Row 15 is to be knit in Color A. This was corrected on the second version of the pattern, but if you downloaded the pattern early, you may see that it says to knit using Color B. That is incorrect. If you want to ensure you have the corrected pattern you can get the updated version here.

Section 7 is another section that you'll want to be extra careful with carrying yarn at the beginning of right side rows. If you forget, it won't cause any problems for you, but it will create a larger and more noticeable float along the side of your wrap. Mostly an aesthetic concern, these loops may be more likely to catch on things as you wear and show off your wrap in the future.

Ahhh...Section 8. A bit of relief with lots of knit stitches! Give yourself a quick round of applause and take a moment to appreciate all you've accomplished so far - you're halfway done!

    Comments from the Team

    If you followed along last week, I wasn't very happy with the way my colors were working together. If I knit this again, I would definitely go a different route, but I have to admit...I love seeing the wider stripes of Piedras (Color A) coming through in this week's sections! Don't the blues and purples below look amazing?

    Adding in Color C (Glitter) was another fun moment for me! My colors have worked almost like a fade and the varying stripes were a great transition. I also love how the garter ridges really stand out - texturally - especially in person. (Any one else find some projects are harder to photograph than others?!)

    I knew going into this project that it was a BIG wrap, but boy....by the time I got to Section 8, I was starting to question if I'd ever finish this! Hitting that halfway point gave me a much need boost of motivation. Was that you too, or are you just flying through the pattern?! - Becky

    Want more information on the La Mondiola Wrap? We have a project page with additional resources, tutorials and a section-by-section break down with notes from our MFY team!

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