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La Mondiola Wrap: Week 1 - Sections 1-3

Casting on a new project is always exciting, but there's something special about a knit along because you know crafters around the world are casting on the very same pattern!

Our team is knitting right along with you, and we will share our notes throughout the project! 

Pattern Notes

This pattern is going to beg for a strong blocking after it's finished, so remember to start off on the right foot and don't cast on too tightly! You'll want some stretch in those stitches!

We highly recommend using at least two different types or colors of stitch markers when dividing the sections. Stitch markers 1, 3 and 5 will all designate decreases, and markers 2 and 4 will indicate increases. It may also prove helpful to use larger stitch markers at points 2 and 4 to help keep the yarn overs in the proper places!

For these sections and the entire wrap, if you are knitting to pattern and making 2yo's for the increases, don't forget to knit one stitch into the 2yo on the wrong side rows! If you are modifying to a single yarn over, you will knit into the yarn over as normal. (Friendly reminder that we have a "2yo - double yarn over" tutorial if you've never done them or need a refresher!)

In Section 2, the slipped stitches will line up so if you keep an eye on those as you knit, you'll know you're completing those rows correctly!

For Section 3, you'll be knitting a total of 34 rows. You'll work through the section as written and then work through it all again starting from Row 3.

    Comments from the Team

    I chose three very low contrast colors. I'm not thrilled with how they are working up because the green doesn't stand out quite as much as I'd hoped, but I think the end result will still be pretty. I am gifting this project when it's finished and the recipient will love it which is all that matters! Color A is Piedras. Color B is Chircas. Color C will be Glitter.

    Close of up texture on the La Mondiola wrap Section 2.

    Once I got the hang of the slipped stitch pattern, I feel like Section 2 flew by! Section 3 gave me a little trouble and I ended up frogging it and reknitting. The seed stitch sections got me turned around, and I accidentally added a yarn over on a WS row. I might use a removable progress keeper to note the RS for this section at the other end of the wrap...just to be safe! I also started adding in a lifeline at the beginning of each new section! - Becky

    La Mondiola wrap knit through Section 3.

    Want more information on the La Mondiola Wrap? We have a project page with additional resources, tutorials and a section-by-section break down with notes from our MFY team!

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