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Livonia Shawl: Story Behind the Name

Have you seen Blue Sky Fibers' Traveler Series? (If not, you can find the patterns included in the collection on the Blue Sky Fibers website.) These patterns are designed and named after places and locales - often those home to local yarn shops.

We are thrilled and honored that the Livonia Shawl was designed with our hometown in mind! The cozy cables and use of luxurious Skyland yarn make for a warm, elegant wrap perfect for adding a touch of class to our cold Michigan winters! You can also tell that the Blue Sky Fibers team knows our Swaran well when they created a design that is not fussy, is accessible for all experience levels and has loads of personality!

Tricia and Swaran showcasing the Livonia Shawl.

This pattern has a very special place in our hearts, and we hope you love it too!

Kits are available and you can learn more about the pattern on our project page!

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