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7 Essential Tools For Every Beginner Crafter's Tunisian Crochet Toolbox

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Are you new to Tunisian crochet? Want to know what you must have to get started? Which tools you'll need to attempt your first project? Don't worry - we've got you covered!

The beauty of yarn crafting is that it doesn't take much to make something special. Sure, there are oodles of tools and accessories that Tunisian crocheters use for various techniques or to make the craft easier, more fun or more personalized, but if you're testing the waters or just beginning your Tunisian crochet journey, you won't need to invest much.

Here is our list of the seven items for your toolbox that will make sure your first project isn't your last!

🔶   Yarn: Hard to make a Tunisian crochet project without yarn! This is really not a joking matter, however, as having a yarn that works with your pattern will make life a lot easier and more enjoyable. If it's doable, stick with the yarn type recommended by the designer even if you don't use the exact yarn from the pattern. You can always review our articles on fibers and yarn weights to learn more.

🔶   Hook: This one isn't as easy as it sounds! Standard crochet hooks will not work for Tunisian crochet because they don't have a stopper or cable on the end to hold stitches. The pattern you've chosen will suggest what size and length will be needed to create the design. If the number of options feels overwhelming, our article on tools may be helpful!

🔶   Scissors: Too often under appreciated, a good pair of scissors should be part of your toolbox. They don't have to be anything fancy or specialized, but sharp blades and a fine point will be useful as you finish projects and snip your yarn ends! Chances are you already have some snips that will work just fine!

🔶   Tapestry Needle: Once you've completed your masterpiece, you'll want to secure those pesky yarn tails. Heavier than a standard sewing needle, tapestry or darning needles have larger eyes and a blunt tip - perfect for threading yarn and sliding through stitches. This needle will help you weave in ends, burying them within the fabric so they'll stay put.

Two Tunisian crochet hooks near some granny squares.

    While not absolute necessities, these last three items are strongly suggested! 

    🔶   Ruler or Measuring Tape: Whether you are attempting to determine your gauge or figuring out how large your piece is, you’ll need to have some sort of measuring device. A soft tape can be more versatile down the road, but a solid, stable ruler is more reliable. If you’ve already got one or the other in the house, grab that! If not, we recommend an inexpensive 12 inch ruler to get you started. Clear plastic would be a bonus since you would be able to see your stitches through it!

    🔶   Writing Utensil: If you’re using a hard copy of a pattern, keep a writing utensil handy. Some folks prefer to follow a pattern on an electronic device, but for paper copies you’ll want to make notes such as where you left off, any modifications you’ve made, or even what yarn you’re using. We recommend a pencil with an eraser to make changes, but whatever you have or love using will work just as well!

    🔶   Notepad: Tying in to the suggestion above, keeping a notepad nearby while you’re working allows you to jot down information about the project. Sticky notes make good, movable progress keepers on paper patterns, too! Just leave the edge right above or below the line in the pattern you’re currently working.

      There you have it! With a minimal investment and a few items you probably already have, you can be ready to tackle your first Tunisian crochet project! 

      We would love to hear what pattern or project you started with in the comments below. Any tips or suggestions for a beginner’s toolbox would be great as well!

      1 Comment

      • Excited to be a part of the Tunisian Crochet Experience/CAL next week. You’ve sent my yarn for the project and the 2 hooks + cable – all in good time to get a little used to what we’ll be doing. Part of my CAL experience will be in the hospital and if i’m up to it, will be signing in later on the 8th or at least on the 9th to see what I’ve missed and work to catch up, until I am released.
        My experience so far with Michigan Fine Yarns has been outstanding and a really more personable approach. Hope to travel to MI in the future to actually visit your beautiful store! I live in NW Georgia, so don’t get your way often.
        Blessings and thank you for your collaboration with Toni Lipsey – a great teacher and love her new book!

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