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One Skein Knitting and Crochet Projects Ideas

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Are you looking for a quick project for a little instant gratification? Are you on a budget and don’t have a lot to spend on yarn? Maybe you just finished that complex sweater and need a simple, straightforward pattern for a mental break. Maybe you just want to make a hat with that special skein you received as a gift.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help with some great single skein project ideas. Sorted by the type of project, you can use these suggestions to try a new skill, make a project out of your comfort zone, or whip up a pattern you can create in a short amount of time! If you’re finding yourself inspired, we’ve got single skein project kits too!


Hats have to be one of the best near-instant gratification projects to knit or crochet. They also make fantastic gifts for anyone - babies, friends, nephews, cousins, neighbors, you name it! Whether you want something super clean and simple, a bit of texture and baubles, or something more intricate with cables or lace, hats are a beautiful canvas for creating something special!

Pattern Suggestions: Men’s Basic Hat by the Caron Design Team, The Favorite Hat by Sonja Otto, Kobuk by Caitlin Hunter, Armley Beanie & Slouch by Woolly Wormhead, Calliste by Ellyane Wall


Cowls are easy to wear, quick to create, require no sizing or measurements, and are another fantastic opportunity to showcase a beautiful skein of yarn! If you’re in the mood for a cowl there are beautiful patterns out there for super bulky yarns down to lace weight. You can craft for a cause, keep it simple, or add in textured panels to create unique shapes and designs. Great for indoor and outdoor wear, you - or that special someone - will be reaching for a cowl year round!

Pattern Suggestions: Malabrigo Rasta Cowl by Swaran Dhaliwal, emPower People by Casapinka, You’re Not Alone Cowl by Hannah Siegmund, Free for All Cowl by Jen Peck, Adama by Hillary Smith Callis, Changing Course Cowl by Danielle Arseniuk


There is something comforting about a cozy pair of mittens, and with their relatively easy construction, they make a great opportunity for fun textures and designs! No matter what style you’re looking for - more woodsy, sleek, dainty texture or rich cushy texture - there is a mitten out there for you! Or someone who likes practical gifts with style!

Pattern Suggestions: Spruce Mittens by Kaitlin Barthold, 2020 Mitts by Melanie Berg, Nalu Mitts by Leila Raven, Moonstone Mittens by Nicole Bracey, Woodstack Mittens by Jane Richmond


Toys are a fun way to use up odd tidbits of yarn - be they leftovers from other projects or odd skeins laying around. From food to animals to games to projects especially for our furry friends, toys unleash a new level of creativity and joy.

Pattern Suggestions: Tiny Little Doughnut by Julie Williams, Spring Rabbit by Sara Elizabeth Kellner, Dragon Stacking Rings by Svetlana Golova, No-Sew Catnip Mouse by Hillary Meyer, Fetch! by Kris Patay


Have the itch to make a sweater or blanket but don’t have the ability or interest in committing the time? Make a mini version! Handmade items for babies and children are projects full of promise, hope and wonderful memories. Don’t have a baby in the family? There are countless organizations that need support with crafted baby items. Find a local donation opportunity and share your talent and positive energy with those in need!

Pattern Suggestions: Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down, Mithril by Lisa Chemery Sawing Logs by Aimee Alexander, Yoda Inspired Lovey by Kristen’s Kords

Whether you’re looking for a quick, satisfying project or are simply using a solo skein from your stash, there are lots of options for making your limited yardage sing! It’s amazing what you can create when you look at a ball of yarn and think “Oooo the possibilities” and avoid the “I only have this much…” mentality.

What is your favorite project to make using a single skein? With so many options, we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

1 Comment

  • I enjoy making hats and scarves for the “Christmas at Sea” organization, as well as bears for Mother Bear. 95% of my knitting/crafting is for various charities, which is very satisfying for me!

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